Pixar, G

by Al Topich

Over the past decade, it seems that Pixar can't do any wrong; with movies like Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and Monsters Inc. Their latest masterpiece, WALL-E, is their most ambitious project since Toy Story. The characters in WALL-E use minimal dialogue that consists of beeps and boops and other robotic sounds. That may sound boring to some people, but the stunning animation gives the viewers full understanding of each emotion the robots go through and let's their actions tell the story. For example WALL-E watches an old VHS copy of Hello Dolly and sees the movie's characters hold hands then the little robot stares down at his hand and clutches it. All he wants is someone to love. Your heart will melt like butter after that scene.

WALL-E is set in a not so distant future where mass pollution has rendered Earth uninhabitable, and us humans have fled into space. All we left behind are piles of trash that look like skyscrapers and a tiny android, WALL-E, who spends his days compacting trash and stacking it up. WALL-E's days are monotonous and the same until something comes falling from the heavens. It's a spacecraft that spits out a slick looking robot by the name of EVE. WALL-E becomes fascinated with her and he falls in love. EVE won't have anything to do with him. She only cares about her primary objective, find plant life on Earth. WALL-E looks after EVE, shows her around, and gives her gifts; one gift being a plant.

WALL-E and EVE rushes the plant up into space to give to the humans. Our race has devolved a lot, we have become space slobs. We are all overweight, have lost bone mass due to the lack of gravity, and have become sedentary in levitating chairs. As the two heroes try to get the plant to the captain, they are stopped by a robot that looks like HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey. They battle back and forth as we pay no attention; we are too busy talking on cell phones. The climatic moment leads up to a heart breaking scene that will put in you tears.

This is a complex film with themes relating to keeping the earth clean like global warming and pollution, and it even messes around with the idea of how lazy our culture is getting with our reliance on electronics. It is a far stretch from earlier Disney films like Snow White, but I think it will become a classic because the group of kids that I went and saw it with loved the film and really dug the relationship between WALL-E and EVE. A great film with laughs and tears that can be appreciated by both children and adults.

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