The Two Doors Of Heaven

The Two Doors Of Heaven by John Bolin, 2005
Multonomah Publishers

by John Bolin

What if deciding eternity was as easy as picking a door? John Bolin explores this possibility in his book.

In this fictional, yet practical book, Bolin takes on the challenge of showing us that everything we do affects our lives, even after we leave this earth. In the book, we follow a man named Jack who seems to be an ordinary man going through everyday problems, like a boring job and family problems. But after dying in a freak accident, he is paired with four others to revisit the lives they left behind, revealing the answers to haunting questions...until finally he is left alone with the stinging truth of his fate.

This book sucks you in from the minute you read the first sentence. Bolin delivers a detailed and powerful explanation of the story and gives a shocking twist at the end that will leave you speechless. 5 stars.

- Craig Woodson


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