Spiderman 3
2007, Sony, PG-13


After the success of Spiderman 2, I had high expectations for its successor. Overall, I was pleased with the film but thought it far from flawless. The plot was much darker and more complex with three major villains, a tangled love story, and a drawn-out moral struggle.

Peter Parker seems to finally have it all together. The city idolizes Spiderman, and Peter and Mary Jane are in love. Then an alien substance becomes attached to his Spiderman suit, darkening both suit and personality. Caught up in a spiral of jealousy, hatred, and arrogance, Peter severely damages his relationship with MJ and makes a dangerous enemy of photojournalist Eddie Brock. Peterís old friend Harry tries to avenge his fatherís death by killing Peter, and new villain Sandman emerges, wreaking havoc on the city. Peterís most difficult battle is with the evil substance that has darkened his character. If he cannot defeat the darkness, it will soon consume him.

The central theme of the film is the struggle within Peter to release the jealousy and hatred to which he clings. The moral struggle reaches its height when Peter is given the opportunity to forgive those who have hurt him.

In the wake of the first two Spiderman successes, Spiderman 3 is a bit of a disappointment but still manages to serve up the triumph of good which weíve grown to love. I give the movie three stars.

- Brooke Condolora


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