Comatose by Skillet

Comatose by Skillet, 2006, Ardent

by Skillet

After ten years and five albums you would think you would begin to hear the same old stuff from a rock band. If that's the case you haven't heard Skillet's latest album "Comatose". The band, made up of John Cooper, his wife Korey, Ben Kasica, and Lori Peter's, have once again come up with an instant success, adding a fresh take to a familiar sound.

In "Comatose" Skillet diverts from their spiritually overt lyrics to touch on issues that face our world today, including suicide and drug abuse. "Panheads" (those devoted Skillet fans) or anyone familiar with the band notice the spiritual connection found in their songs such as "Better than Drugs" ("Your better than drugs/ your love is like wine/ Feel you coming on so strong/ Feel you coming to get me high") This is especially true in the final song of the album "Looking for Angels" where Cooper seems to narrate throughout the verses touching on serious issues we face daily and relating them to scripture. They also create a new level of intensity musically, adding more strings, piano, and female vocal to the equation, creating an awesome blend of classical and hard rock, giving this album a much fuller sound. Songs like "Rebirthing", "Comatose", and "The Last Night" start almost like a classical composition, but soon kick into heavy guitar riffs and drum fills giving it a true hard rock sound.

I would say this might be Skillet's defining album. If you are a fan of Evanescence, Creed, or Nickleback, you definitely need this album. This is Skillet's signature sound on a whole new level. Highly Recommended.

- Craig Woodson


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