Shallow Hal

Shallow Hal
2001, Fox, PG-13


Shallow Hal is a romantic comedy starring Gweneth Paltrow and Jack Black.

A shallow, lustful man named Hal (Black) meets a motivational speaker while stuck in an elevator. He hypnotizes Hal into seeing people's inner beauty, not their external selves. Subsequently, he falls in love with Rosemary (Paltrow), an obese woman who appears to him to look like a model. But then his friend talks to the motivational speaker and has Hal unhypnotized. Hal and Rosemary end up falling in love even after he can see the actual person she is.

This movie is funny and promotes a good lesson about love, self image, and judging others. Although there are some mature parts and rough language, the message of this movie is good.

- Garrett Johnson


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