We Need Each Other

We Need Each Other by Sanctus Real
2008, Sparrow

by Sanctus Real

Fans of the band Sanctus Real, prepare to be happy. In their new album “We need each other” the band leaves the heartache and loss of their previous album “The Face of Love” behind them. This project seems to communicate the need of coming together (as the title implies) and making a difference.

The opening song “Turn on the Lights” leads you to believe the band has taken on a harder rock direction, but you quickly learn that the rock theme is few and far between. Their softer ballad style makes this a great easy listening album, and their purpose driven songs allow it to become a “whatever you’re going through” type album. Staples on this album would have to be “Whatever you’re doing (Something heavenly)”, “Legacy”, and the patriotic “Lay down my guns”.

There isn’t a lot different from the group, but just enough to make this a terrific album. A little bit more rock or variety would have garnered it a fifth star, but non the less we give it a solid Four Stars.

- Craig Woodson