Revelation by Third Day
2008, Sony

by Third Day

Three years, A Christmas album, two “best-of” projects, and one less guitarist have gone by since Third Day last released a studio project. It seems that Third Day fans of late have split into two different groups: The fans that like the more contemporary sound of the album “Wherever You Are” and the fans that still love the older “Conspiracy No. 5” album. In the band’s new project “Revelation” the newly made quartet (guitarist Brad Avery left the band earlier this year) seems to be trying to make everyone happy.

In “Revelation” we see glimpses of who the band was when they were first starting out in Atlanta, GA mixed with who they’ve become today. Songs like “This is Who I Am” and “Run to You” show the pure rock that this band can produce, while “Call my Name” and “Revelation” show a little more of the contemporary side of the band. In “Let me Love You” and “I will always be true” the band seems to revert back to their southern roots with a more “country” sound.

Guest appearing on the album is American Idol’s Chris Daughtery, Flyleaf’s Lacey Mosley, and guitarist Robert Randolph.

Personally I feel the album lacks a certain consistency that their previous albums have succeeded with. While this may make many fans happy that they’ve put so many different sounds into one album, I give it Three Stars.

- Craig Woodson