This Present Darkness

This Present Darkness
by Frank Peretti, 1986, Crossway

by Frank Peretti

If you enjoy suspenseful, dark, and powerful books, look no further than Frank Peretti's "This Present Darkness." Originally published in 1986, this Christian thriller takes place in the small town of Ashton, where there is more going on than the eye can see. Peretti's imaginative mind takes you on an unbelievable journey through the spiritual and the physical.

The story follows a Christian preacher and a newspaper reporter as they unearth a New Age plot to take over the local community and eventually the entire world. The novel bounces back and forth between humans living their lives on earth, and the warfare between the sulfur-breathing, black-winged, vicious demons and the tall, powerful, and handsome angelic warriors that are meant to protect the saved.

The pace of the novel increases with every turn of the page, and the intensity doubles with each chapter, leading to an unforgettable and thrilling climax. Perfectly written by Peretti, your mind will instantly create a face, voice, and personality for every character mentioned.

Some parts of the book can be very graphic and vivid ("There were fifteen demons, packed into Carmen's body like crawling, superimposed maggots, boiling, writhing, a tangle of hideous arms, legs, talons, and heads.") so the squeamish and children under a certain age may want to stay away from reading it. But for a page turning, non-stop, thrill ride, this book takes home the gold metal. FIVE STARS.

- Craig Woodson