The Mustard Seed Conspiracy

The Mustard Seed Conspiracy
by Tom Sine, 1981
Word Books

by Tom Sine

If you're a flea market book hunter (or E-Bayer) and a person that's interested in theological commentary on society, you'll love the now out of print Mustard Seed Conspiracy by Tom Sine. The book is definitely worth the trouble to find. The basic premise of Sine's work is how we, the normal, everyday people are actually chosen by God to do His seemingly infinite and daunting work. Sine is very calculating and smart with his statements, and provides deep insight on how God is still very active in today's modern world, and does want us to be in the world, but not of it. What I found most interesting is how Mustard Seed, written back in 1981, makes predictions for the 80's, 90's and today. Now in 2007, taking a look into his wisdom is amazing, seeing just what did happen and what didn't and why it did or didn't. This book will make you ponder your role as a Christian, and the fact that it is out of date only gives the reader further questions and avenues to look beyond. For those who may want to dwell deeper, there is a newer book by the author focusing on what Christians should do with mass consumerism and globalization called Mustard Seed vs. McWorld. But check this one out first if you can find it! Five stars.

- Garrett Johnson


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