Mr. Monk & the 2 Assistants
NAL, 2007

by Lee Goldberg

"Only a special kind of person can keep up with Monk's brilliant, if idiosyncratic, methods. One such person is his former assistant, Sharona. And now that her ne'er-do-well husband has been arrested for murder, she's back in San Francisco, ready to reclaim her place in Monk's extremely well-ordered life. His current assistant, Natalie, is not at all pleased with this turn of events. As little as her job pays, she's grown fond of Monk and would rather not get fired. While Monk tries to maintain a delicate balance between the two women, he discovers a few unsettling snags in the case against Sharona's husband. With bestselling crime novelist Ian Ludlow nosing around, and other cases taking his attention, Monk may be up against a killer who not only understands him, but is one step ahead..."

The fourth novel in the Monk series is written through the eyes of Monk's current assistant, Natalie Teeger. In this book you get to see the entire cast, Monk, Natalie, Sharona, Capt. Stottlemeyer, and the infamous Lt. Disher. After watching the TV show some may be disappointed by the book or vice versa. I saw the TV show prior to reading the books, but I was impressed enough by the show to purchase the books, and I was not disappointed in the least by the books. If anything, I found the books more enjoyable because I had seen the TV show and I knew what each character's personality was like as read the book. The mystery goes on for pages and you really get wrapped up in the story, unlike the TV show which lasts for only an hour. It has been said that Mr. Monk & the Two Assistants is a "humorous whodunit". Monk's quirks, idiosyncrasies and deductive skills are detailed to perfection and the humor is non-stop. The ending to this book is one of the best I have seen! You'll be surprised throughout the entire novel. This is a must read for any fan of Adrian Monk, or any fan of mystery novels, and throw comedy in along with it!

by Aaron Brooks

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