Who We Are by Lifehouse

Who We Are by Lifehouse
2007, Geffen

Who We Are

In their latest offering, “Who We Are,” the rock trio Lifehouse picks up right where their 2005 self-titled release left off.

Stylistically, the new album doesn’t differ much from their previous works, but they add just enough new flare to avoid a complacent level of creativity. Once again, the band’s Christian point of view is scattered throughout the lyrics of several songs on the album, such as “Make Me Over” and the quietly powerful finale “Storm.”

As evident with their initial single “First Time,” the trio continues to give music to thoughts of love and relationships. But while songs such as “Whatever It Takes,” “Who We Are,” and the musically unique ballad “Learn You Inside Out” (which was most likely penned for Wade’s wife) focus on the power of a relationship, songs such as “The Joke” and “Bridges” show a strangely aggressive side to the band, showing the emotion of an ending relationship.

While their new album is mostly more of the same, the band shows just enough new flavor to keep fans happy. The band offers a little something for everyone, while still staying true to the style of music that they have apparently come to love. For my taste, I give the album 4 stars.

- Craig Woodson