Lifehouse by Lifehouse

Lifehouse by Lifehouse, 2005, Geffen

by Lifehouse

I first heard Lifehouse back in my high school years with their breakthrough hit "Hanging By A Moment" which was received with a combination of acclaim, toleration, and disgust. Either people brushed them off as young copycats to the at-the-time monolith Creed or wanted to hear what this band had to say. Point being, this band has lasted and finally proven their integrity with their new self-titled album.

"Lifehouse" is a stripped-down, no nonsense, Lifehouse. Their sound is clean, even more minimal than ever. Their previous "Stanley Climbfall" seemed like they tried too hard to make an album that avoided the ominous sophomore slump. In the new record, they keep it fresh and natural. Simply put, it's simple and even pretty. The first single "You and Me" which you've probably heard already by now is a beautiful ballad with the inescapable hookiness that makes Lifehouse Lifehouse. In fact, all the songs have an alluring hook that remains light and airy - something hard to do for any band, even themselves previously. This is immaculate stuff.

If there could be a negative about the album, the fact that all the songs are good and equally fresh, could make it potentially boring. Highlights include "Better Luck Next Time", "We'll Never Know", and "You and Me" At just around ten dollars in stores or for digital downloading, this is a must-have album. And not to worry, there's no swearing or obscene lyrics. You won't regret having it in your collection. In fact, both instrumentally and lyrically, it's destined to inspire you.

- Garrett Johnson


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