Horton Hears A Who

Horton Hears A Who
2008, 20th Century Fox, G


A tale of an elephant, and a town full of who's, made into a full length movie, how would it do? That was the question many people had about the much anticipated Dr. Suess inspired movie "Horton Hears a Who." The classic children's story revolves around the elephant named Horton (Jim Carrey), who one day hears a voice from a tiny speck in the woods. He soon discovers that he is talking to a "Who" (more specifically the Mayor of the Who's voiced by Steve Carrell) and makes it his mission to protect the citizens of "Whoville" from the elements of the world around them. Although Horton's intentions are good, several of the other animals fear that Horton has gone crazy, heading up the "herd" is a grouchy kangaroo voiced by Carol Burnett, who sets out to destroy the speck and put Horton in his place.

The concept of the film kept in line with the original tale that Dr. Suess wrote many years ago, with modern references thrown in to lure the new generation to the works of the "Who's". Carrey, Carrell, and company played their parts to perfection, showing they were the right actors for the job. The only downside I found, was the portions of Anime embedded into the film during Horton's dream sequences. But that is more of a personal preference than anything. The film is great for families, kids, and even young adults with it's references to some more pop culture icons. I strongly encourage anyone with kids or grandkids to purchase this film, it will be one that you and your family will watch time and time again for many years to come. FIVE STARS.

- Craig Woodson

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