God Of This City

God Of This Cityfrom Passion Worship Band
2008, Six Step

from Passion Worship Band

When the first Passion album released in the mid 90's, it was recorded to capture the atmosphere that founder Louie Giglio had brought together and to spread the vision that he saw for the coming years. fast forward a decade later and the vision has grown by the thousands.

In their newest offering "God of this City", Passion worship leaders Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Charlie Hall, and others showcase their newest songs in a live form in front of thousands of college students from across the nation. Recorded live at the Passion 2008 Conference in Atlanta, along with the Passion Regional Conferences in Boston and Chicago, God of this City shows the growth that all the artists have gone through over the years.

The highlights of the album include Tomlin's powerful title track "God of this City", Crowder's rendition of the hymn "O For a thousand tongues to sing", Hall's electric/modern sound echo's in "Walk the World", Matt Redman returns with his newest anthem "God of our Yesterdays" and the album ends with several vocalists coming together with Tomlin's #1 hit "Amazing Grace: My Chains are Gone"

Purely a worship album, "God of this City" offers something for all ages, from the modern sounds to the traditional. The album as a whole is more of the same from Passion, which is great worship tunes. A little more diversity would have garnered this album a fifth star, but I still give this album a solid FOUR STARS.

- Craig Woodson