Angels & Devils by Fuel

Angels & Devils by Fuel, 2007, Sony

by Fuel

Most of 90's rock fans will know Fuel for the Christian-laced songs "Hemorrhage (In My Hands)" and "Innocent". Update on the band: the lead singer left as well as the drummer. After four years and a failed attempt to get American Idol singer Daughtry to be part of the band, Fuel has reformed and released Angels & Devils.

While the new record may not pack the punch that the old Fuel did, it is still a success. Green, the new singer was a good pick and sounds quite similar to Scallions. The album is actually one of the few I've heard this year that can be played in its entirety without obvious filler. The downside to Angels & Devils, is, that despite the title, it refrains from using the Christian-based content that I came to love Fuel for. Instead it opts for a theme of heartbreak and memories. You could say that instrumentally, Fuel still sounds the same as it did in the 90's which could be a good or bad thing. Rock has moved beyond modern rock, but, as for me, I picked up Angels & Devils, because I wanted to hear that again. Best songs are "I Should Have Told You"and "Wasted Time". Four stars.

-Garrett Johnson


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