Evan Almighty

Evan Almighty
2007, Universal, PG


Most of you have seen the previews for this movie and chances are you thought it's either seriously stupid or just plain blasphemous, or something you may rent later on for curiousity's sake. The sequel to Bruce Almighty, a movie which most Christians believed mocked rather than furthered their faith, actually turns out to be a must-see for Christians and non-Christians, too, and both will enjoy the laughs that are sure to erupt. A modern day Noah's Ark, this movie follows the mid-life crisis of Evan Baxter (Steve Carell). While there's loads of jokes, from subtle Christian puns, to the inevitable mild bathroom humor, in all seriousness, this movie has serious morals to learn. From the first 10 minutes you will be impressed that the nonreligious characters begin to pray for the first time. There are calls for repentance, pleads for fidelity, votes against political corruption and the stand that God still can use us to make a mark in society. The movie is beautiful, and although often too whimsical, moments will take your breath away because it visualizes God's creation and the biblical flood account as more than just religious fiction, but a very viable fact that really did happen. Although there's very big things going on, the movie ends with a personal plee. A.R.K. - That is - God's love is shown through your Acts of Random Kindness. Five Stars.

- Garrett Johnson

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