Blue Sprinkles

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What You'll Need:

1 Box Cake Mix (Any Flavor)
2 cans (12 oz each) Soft Whipped White Frosting
Blue, Green and Yellow Food Coloring
Yellow Sprinkles
Small Box of Runts
1 Sour Gumdrop, Halved
2 Brown Mini M&Ms
Black Licorice Strings
Blue Sprinkles
Blue Flat Sprinkles
Small Box of Good & Plentys


Prepare cake mix according to package and bake 24 cupcakes.

In large bowl, tint frosting to desired color using several drops of green and one or two drops of yellow food coloring. Frost cupcakes.

For caterpillar’s head, roll 2/3 of cupcake in yellow sprinkles. Place banana-shaped Runt on for mouth. Secure each brown M&M onto gumdrop half with a dab of frosting. Place on cupcake for eyes. Cut 2 licorice strings and insert for antennae.

For body, with remaining ingredients, decorate cupcakes.

- Stephanie McInturff


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