The Bucket List

The Bucket List
2008,Warner Bros., PG-13


When you put two legendary actors together in the same film, good things are bound to happen. That is what you get when you watch Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman in the film “The Bucket List”.

The film revolves around corporate billionaire Edward Cole (Nicholson) and ordinary mechanic Carter Chambers (Freeman) who don’t seem to have anything in common except for their terminal illnesses. The two get brought together by having to share a hospital room when they are both diagnosed with terminal cancer. But when Cole comes across Chambers “Bucket List” made up of things he would like to do before he ‘kicks the bucket’, the two escape from the cancer ward and set out to live there lives before it’s too late.

The film is done very well, and it has a great story. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman are, as always, superb in their characters and the writing of the story is great. Other than some mild language, the film is uplifting with a good message. Four Stars.

- Craig Woodson

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