TheFutureEmbrace by Billy Corgan

TheFutureEmbrace by Billy Corgan, 2005, Reprise

by Billy Corgan

Anybody who was a fan of the Alternative movement knows who the monolithic Smashing Pumpkins were. Even the casual music fan will know at least one or two of their hits - "1979" or "Today." Billy Corgan was the lead singer and as far as my interest goes, the creative force behind the Pumpkins. He has now publicly confessed that he is Christian and consequently has released confessional blogs online and his first solo album "TheFutureEmbrace."

It's not what you're expecting though. Remember, he's a Christian now and SP's angst ridden lyrics of pre-conversion like Zero's "Emptiness is cleanliness and cleanliness is godliness and God is empty just like me" have now been changed to "All things change...Be they hope...We can change the world." There's not 500 layers of distorted guitars either. I would classify the music as new wave-esque, electropoppy, pseudo-triphop, non-emo emo. After all, he once said, "good music defies all conceptions of genre". Don't expect upbeat and happy dance music just because its electronic. Billy concentrates on packing his album full of emotional, moody soundscapes. It's for the most part hookless and no real tunes just stick in your head, but its the journeys that grab you into this record little by little. Prepare to go on a ride, but don't expect to live "TheFuture" until the 4th or 5th trip there.

- Garrett Johnson


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