Hellboy II, PG-13

by Craig Woodson

Fans of the first film will be excited to know that everyone's favorite sarcastic demon superhero is back for more action.

Ron Pearlman reprises his role as the "devilishly" sarcastic Hellboy who is out to once again save the world from the bad guys of the invisible realm. This time Hellboy and his pyrokenetic girlfriend Liz (Selma Blair) are up against a power hungry elfin prince who defies the royal bloodline and wishes to destroy the human race. But Hellboy can't just stand around and let that happen. He, Liz, his aquatic partner Abe (Doug Jones) go out to defeat the close minded prince, who is attempting to awaken the indestructible Golden Army to fulfill his desires.

The movie itself is a pretty good concept, if you are a fan of a good fantasy/sci-fi flick you'll probably enjoy this film. There are a lot of "creatures" from other worlds walking around, its as though they combined the Lord of the Rings with Batman. The acting was well done and Pearlman definitely delivers as one of the premiere superhero actors. Probably the most impressive were all the costumes and special effects used in the film. It's a great movie, a little too odd for my taste, but I'll still give it a four star rating.

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