Hancock, Columbia, PG-13

by Craig Woodson

Forget about George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin, I think it's safe to say that Will Smith is officially the king of the Fourth of July. It seems like year after year Smith has a blockbuster movie that hits theaters on "Independence Day." In 2008, Smith starred in the highly anticipated "Hancock."

The film revolves around an unconventional superhero named "Hancock" played by Smith. In this very realistic superhero movie, Smith's character is a sarcastic, edgy, and misunderstood hero with a drinking problem (to say the least), who ends up saving the life of a PR expert. The PR guru (Jason Bateman) in turn believes he can help the disgruntled superhero refine his image and once again make the people of Los Angeles love him again.

Unfortunately, Hancock ends up turning himself in for all the damage he had done and going to jail. Yes, a superhero in jail. After going through the rehab of hard time, Hancock begins to learn what it means to really be a "super" hero, and ends up finally saving lives with minimal collateral damage. There are some serious plot twists that occur toward the end of the movie that I won't give away in case you have yet to see the flick, but I can tell you this, you won't walk away from this movie un-entertained. The twists and turns that the writers added to this film are top notch, very unexpected in a superhero/comic book type movie. There is a little bit of language in the film, so impressionable kids may want to steer clear. The twists combined with the acting, directing, and special effects, I give it 5 stars.

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