Viva La Vida, EMI, 2008

by Craig Woodson

British rock band “Coldplay” is finally back with the very highly anticipated album “Viva la Vida.” After the huge success of their last studio project “X&Y” fans of the band have been waiting anxiously for the next album to release. Audiences all over the world got a sneak peak at the album from the hugely popular iTunes commercials that showcased the Brit quartet’s title track “Viva la Vida.”

The album has already hit records becoming the #1 selling digital album of all time, and debuted at #1 in 36 countries during the first week of release. But the question still remains, is it worth all the attention? The answer is simple, yes. This album will blow your mind in ways you didn’t know it could be blown away. Fans of just about every genre will enjoy this album, and they do so without being inconsistent. The title track “Viva la Vida” starts with orchestra strings and simply begs your foot to tap on the floor. Other songs like “Lost” and “Yes” are great upbeat tunes that you’ll be singing all day long, while ballads like “Cemeteries in London”, “42”, and “Death and all his friends” have a unique sound that can’t help but capture your attention.

This is familiar territory for Coldplay, but also different. Coldplay has been known for their own personal unique style of music that defies genres. In “Viva la Vida” they showcase their talent for pure music by using new and innovative styles that leave you wanting more. I give it FIVE BIG STARS…

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