Never Going Back to OK

Never Going Back to OK by The Afters
2008, Sony

by The Afters

In The Afters sophomore release “Never Going Back to OK” the band does just that. After the huge success of their first albums hit “Beautiful Love”, the band left it all on the court with their second project.

With radio-ready tunes such as “Myspace Girl” and the title track “Never Going Back to OK” the album is definitely one for taking on a long road trip with the top down. But they also offer songs such as the piano driven ballad “Summer Again” and the heartfelt “Ocean Wide”. Their musical range shows even more flex with more alternative flare songs such as “Falling into place” and “We are the sound."

All in all this is one of the premiere albums of recent months. If you enjoy an album that has a blend of everything in it, this album should be at the top of your list. Five Stars.

- Craig Woodson