For information on how to become a foster parent call
Lucinda Bickers at 501-268-8696.

People like you make this project possible! At Searcy Living, we have donated office space to serve the foster children in White County and beyond. We invite you to become a part of this project by donating items or volunteering. We also invite all foster parents who need clothing for their children to come in and browse our selection.


• Boy's Clothing - All sizes.
• Baby Bottles

We are located in the Searcy Living office building at 812 S. Main St. in Searcy, Arkansas.

Imagine and Believe Foundation phone: (501) 593-5263.

"I came in today and once again this little place was a blessing. I received two little ones late last night about 12:00 am and they had very few clothes, but now thanks to you guys and the service provided here, they have several outfits and undergarments and shoes. The clothes here are so easy to find and everything is so neat. I thank you and I thank God for the gift of you."

- Tina Crudup

"My husband and I are Foster parents and it was recently brought to our attention that Searcy has the Foster Care Boutique, which is a place for us to pick up needed items for our foster children at no cost. I contacted Christine at Searcy Living to request a few items for a foster baby that is new to our home, one of the items I requested she did not have but stated she has wonderful sponsors and that give her a day or so and she should be able to help....and sure enough not even 24 hours later she called to let me know someone had purchased this item to donate to us, I also received a bag of cloths and other items that were needed. We are so thankful for the help. We love being foster parents and to know the community supports us is wonderful."

- Matt and Candy

"I am an investigator for the Department of Human Services and had used the Searcy Living Foster Care Boutique on numerous occasions. It has been wonderful to have the Boutique available for our foster children. Many times when children are removed from their homes, they have little or no belongings with them. With the boutique available I have been able to get these children clothing, blankets, toiletries and even toys to help make the transition into foster care easier. I am very grateful to have the Boutique available for our children."

- Alisa Wingler

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