Angels On Earth

By Mary L. Barber

Everyone has an angel who watches over them. My angel guides me in my writing and shows me from right and wrong. In my saddest times my angel wraps its arms around me. In my darkest hours my angel intercedes for me to God.

I seem to have a lot of bad times in my path. Times when I am at my lowest your eyes are on me. Just like a bird with a broken wing, you are there to mend me. When my mind is cloudy you make a spiritual wind to blow them away. When my heart is shattered you pick up the pieces and put it back together again. When the devil comes at me full force you are my shield. You give me gladness in my time of sadness. You are my solid ground when I am sinking in the quick sands of sin. You are the ray of hope and joy when the storm clouds roll in.

When the sea of life is rough you are the calm before the storm. When the thorns of life tear at my soul, I think of the crown of thorns you wore upon your head. When my body aches with pain, I think of the stripes you took for my healing. The walk you walked for me, the cross you carried up Golgotha Hill, and the nails you bore in your hands and feet were put there to remind me your scars are deeper than mine will ever be. Although I get tired of the struggle of life, I remember your struggle right along with me. When I cry, you wipe my tears and calm my fears. I fear of failure, but you won’t let me fail. I fear of falling, but your there to catch me. You are my strength and salvation. You are the rock that I stand on. I am who I am because you made me this way. You made me meek and full of helpfulness, and a heart that goes out to people in need.

Lord Jesus you are my guardian angel. You are ALL I need to make my life complete. You are the eyes that watch over me. You are the wings wrapped around me in my time of need.

You carry me through life’s snares and quick sands. I love you with all my heart and soul. You are my shield and sword against the devil. You are my God of sunshine. You have power over all the things in my life. You bring me joy and strength.

You are my father, but most of all you are my angel everywhere on this earth.