The Pity Party Train

By Sharon Fanger

As I walked along life's pathway
I became (very) weary from the pain.
I rarely looked up but rather looked down
When I saw that ticket for a ride
On The Pity Party Train

I jumped aboard seeking rest
For my weary mind and soul
Instead of turning to GOD above
And letting HIM make my life whole.

I looked to the right
And I looked to the left
And I let anger fill my brain
Cause I was riding down that railroad track
On The Pity Party Train

I didn't look at others
To see if they had life's problems
Just like me!
Instead, I continued on my ride
On The Pity Party Train
As it began to pick up speed.

There were those around me
Who needed my love and care.
But I shoved them away
As my anger filled the air.
For you see, I had just arrived
At The Pity Party Fair.

There was the Ferris wheel of no responsibility.
I just let others do my job for me,
Cause a loving father or a loving mother
Is just not what I wanted to be.
The merry-go-round of doctors, drugs and pills
Is just what I needed to cure my earthly ills.

The rides went faster and faster
Till they reached breakneck speeds.
But I found that they weren't meeting
My very insatiable, hungry needs.
So I continued spinning faster and faster
In a circle of evil deeds.

In a moment of despair
I realized that my Pity Party Train
Had multiplied my earthly pain.
In that moment of desperation
I shouted, "JESUS CHRIST help me,"
And all was calm as could be
For a time.

But I didn't hang on long enough
And back unto that Pity Party Train
I did climb.

Strange, my Pity Party Train picked up speed
Much faster than before.
I was doing all those old evil things
Much faster than before.
But, now I had added even more.

My Pity Party Train was now traveling round
In circles very fast,
When suddenly I realized
It was spiraling downward
And heading for a crash!

Evil darkness was slowly coming round me
With its ugly pain.
And once again I shouted "JESUS save me!"
And hoped it wasn't in vain

A loving light came round about
And I knew that GOD had touched me
And that HE would help me out.

But one thing I must now remember
When a crisis comes,
Tightly, close to JESUS, I must remain
And not jump on that evil