Sentimental Character: Door Makeover

By Amanda Lutrell

A home should be as unique as the family who lives in it. A great way to personalize a home is to add pieces that are unexpected, or have sentimental value. For me, this project has both.

When completing my master suite addition, I decided to use a glass panel door for my master bath instead of matching it with all of the other interior doors. This particular door was from my grandparents’ dining room. I remember looking at the door as a child and thinking how pretty it was.

For privacy I needed to frost the glass panels. Rust-Oleum Frosted Glass works just like spray paint. I cleaned the glass and applied two coats to each side of every panel. I used a semi-transparent finish that allows light to filter through without being able to see inside.

After the glass frost was completely dry, I painted the door to match my décor. When painting doors, cabinets, and trim, I recommend using semi-gloss enamel. Enamel forms a hard “shell” that is more durable and cleans easily. After allowing dry time, I hung the door in place. This was a simple weekend project, but the end result adds loads of character to my room and brings back priceless childhood memories!