"Good management-leadership consists in showing average people how to do the work of superior people."
- John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

Crafting leadership greatness takes conscious effort, persistence core behaviors and dedication. When one encounters such a person, the energy forces that erupt from that exposure are what legacies are made of.

The architecture of "Building a Legendary Leadership Persona" can be crafted, honed and replicated only when one has discovered the unwavering ingredients. Research cited within my weekly syndicated leadership column, reveals the indisputable activities, formal and informal that continually evolve around fifteen synergy centers of legendary leaders.

True legendary leaders realize the need and thus demonstrate a commitment to sixteen key factors:

1. Mentoring Future Leaders
2. Developing Thought Leader Capacity
3. Motivating The Individual
4. Building Political Capital
5. Cultivating and Harvesting Independent Thought Capacity
6. Centering and Balancing
7. Conflict Management and Resolution Abilities
8. Life Balance For Sustained Growth
9. Leadership Engagement Effectiveness
10. Generational Connectedness
11. Controlled Risk Taking Abilities
12. Leadership Ethics
13. Building A Loyalty Advantage
14. Dealing With The Entitlement Mentality
15. Assessing What Matters and Continuously Building Upon That Finding
16. Pulling Together The Legendary Leader Behaviors, Beliefs and Persona

Long before Tom Peters went public in 2002 and owned up to fabricating much of what was written in, IN SEARCH OF EXCELLENCE, many business practitioners and certified management consultants were noting that his citations and models did not add up; I was among that body. As recently detailed in FROM GOOD TO GREAT, the perimeters from which one measures a truly legendary leader or organization should be from sustained benchmarks.

Among the leading business markets today where this can be vividly seen, are the medical, health care and pharmaceutical organizations. More specifically, within the pharmaceutical industry, there too, are examples of legendary leaders and institutions. Some thrive and some merely last another day to survive. For the past seven consecutive years Pfizer Pharmaceutical, has been rated by doctors and hospital administrators as the number one organization of choice to deal and work with, as reported in Pharmaceutical Representative magazine.

Success is in the journey and not the destination!

In working with firms like BRACCO, Brystol-Myers Squibb, Proctor & Gamble, TrueCare and intimately with Pfizer for the past decade, from the executive team to the front line leadership field team, these sixteen hallmarks have been actively sought. Conversely, with every business studied or worked with while in their ascent or at their peak who subscribed to these synergy points, each can also directly trace their demise back to the relinquishing of each!

Success is in the journey and not the destination. True leadership has effectively has learned to focus upon the ability of asking powerful questions to uncover powerful solutions to compelling needs. The questions reveal the answers and greatness comes from that journey.

In "Building A Legendary Leader" your legacy will be measured not by what you do now, but by what remains of what you do in the days to follow. How do you go about your process internally and externally to build a leader? Are you the one that embraces an evolving and continuing process that starts with what you see in the mirror?

Jeff Magee, Ph.D., PDM, CSP, CMC is a highly sought content rich platform speaker, author and consultant who works with individuals and business that wish to greatly increase their productivity and profitability through business and leadership training without limits. He can be reached toll free at 1-877-90-MAGEE or

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