"He that does good to another does also good to himself; not only in the consequences, but in the act of doing it; for the consciousness of well-doing is an ample reward."
- Seneca

As the leader of an organization it is essential to be a beacon from which others can seek guidance and direction. The leader's ability to be that beacon will come outward from how grounded and centered that individual is on the things that matter.

The annals of history consistently reveal that all leaders operate more often than not from three key answers. It is the sum whole of all three answers, which affords a leader their direction and allows them, to stay grounded. This is what gives them a sense of centeredness that others gravitate towards!

They stay within three key areas that provide them with these three answers. And, when they have to step outside of these three key areas, they seek an individual who can answer these three key areas and they remove themselves from second guessing that person. This act and self-control is what makes them a "leader" and why people follow them.

I am reminded of these three key elements to leadership mettle which determines ones' centeredness, by observing of my friend and CEO of the Narrative Television Network, Mr. Jim Stovall, he frames the three this way: The "Three Key Leader Answers" or sources to how stable and solid ones' metal will be are driven by asking three questions:

1. What do I know? The answer will be driven based upon ones' knowledge (technical and non-technical), education (formal and informal), personal experience (family, friends, community, social, health, spiritual, inspirational), professional experience (jobs, employers, colleagues, customers, projects, assignments, travel, etc.), observations, intuitiveness, etc.

2. How do I know this? What truth's do I know to be so and exactly what is it that tells me this? What did I personally do or witness that tells me this conclusively?

3. When did it dawn on me? At what time in my life did I come to this realization(s)? What are my stories, vignettes or where was I when this became clear to me?

A leader's inner metal is derived from these three answers and this becomes an eternal source of passion within them. Their passion becomes a never-ending source of motivation and from this presence others look towards them for even greater leadership.

These answers also serve to keep one grounded by revealing what subjects, issues and priorities a leader should focus upon and not. By answering these three (types) of questions one evolves into grounded leadership positions, in essence you are defining your "Identity" (the "who am I really") and your "Purpose" (the "what" and "why" factors that you hold important that evolve around your "Identity").

Conversely, one becomes "off-centered" when one looses focus and strays out of that which they know and can answer and are left to having to fake it.

When you find yourself wandering mentally aimlessly and lacking the youthful spring of energy, chances are extremely good that you have diverted away from one of the key answer areas and are attempting to be all things to all people. Worse yet is finding yourself correcting and micro managing others that are capable of answering the three key leader questions in a specific area that you in fact can't!

Centering yourself and staying grounded, starts by finding your inner mettle and holding onto it for sustained passion!

"When we see men of worth, we should think of becoming like them;when we see men of a contrary character, we should turn inward and examine ourselves."
- Confucius

Jeff Magee, Ph.D., PDM, CSP, CMC is a highly sought content rich platform speaker, author and consultant who works with individuals and business that wish to greatly increase their productivity and profitability through business and leadership training without limits. He can be reached toll free at 1-877-90-MAGEE or

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